Easily Track Project Hours

22 January 2024

The flair project time-tracking feature enables both managers and employees to monitor and log time spent on important projects.

With this enhanced feature, employees can document how much time out of their day they are dedicating to specific projects. Meanwhile, managers gain a comprehensive overview of project timesheets which they can approve for payroll as well as performance and budget management.

Project Time Management

With our project time tracking, managing working hours for various projects has never been simpler. Managers could always assign employees to specific projects. But now staff can log their project working hours directly using their personal employee portal.

Seamless Collaboration

Experience a new level of collaboration within your team by discussing project-related matters and sharing updates directly in the Employee Hub. The project time tracking feature has a comments section. Daily notes in the comments section are a neat way to highlight successes or outline the necessary steps for advancing projects.

Insights for Managers

For managers, project time tracking is a valuable tool for gaining insights into work progress. Review and approve project timesheets to stay in the loop. Get a comprehensive view of both the project’s time demands and each employee's contributions. This feature ensures managers have the necessary information to make informed decisions and keep projects on track.

Project Time Tracking Use Cases

Managers: Enhance planning and budgeting with accurate project time records. Identify potential delays early on and make time-saving adjustments. Gain a comprehensive insight into employee contributions for performance management.

HR Teams: Easily calculate salaries, client billing, and overtime pay based on accurate project time data.

Employees: By monitoring their time spent on tasks, employees can identify inefficiencies, optimize their work processes, and boost personal productivity.

Explore More in Our Help Center

Interested in learning more about flair's time tracking features? Check out our Help Center guides.

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