Salesforce Inbox and Recruiting File Updates

20 March 2024


HR & Partnership Manager at flair

Salesforce Inbox and Recruiting File Updates

Welcome to the latest edition of What’s New in flair! In this feature-packed update, we're excited to unveil enhancements designed to streamline your recruitment processes, candidate management, and communication. Let’s dive into the details.

Salesforce Inbox Integration

Seamless communication is key to HR management and recruiting. That's why we’re thrilled to announce the integration of Salesforce Inbox with flair. This integration empowers HR managers and recruiters to synchronize their preferred email inbox with flair, enhancing the way candidate interactions and data are managed.

Use Cases for HR Managers and Recruiters:

Log Email Activity: With this update, effortlessly capture and manage vital recruiting data directly from your Gmail or Outlook inbox. Whether it's candidate contacts, CVs, or important correspondence, you can now centralize all information within flair without toggling between multiple platforms.

Seamless Integration: Configuring Salesforce Inbox with flair is a breeze. Simply access your settings on Salesforce, choose Gmail or Outlook integration, and follow the intuitive setup process. It's super easy for recruiters to streamline their workflow.

Calendar Management: The Salesforce Inbox integration extends beyond emails, linking your Google Calendar with the Salesforce CRM. Now, recruiters and HR managers can efficiently manage their schedules, log events, and schedule interviews without switching between applications.

New Recruitment Doc Fields

To further enhance organization and efficiency, we've introduced new field categories within the flair Recruiting app. Effortlessly categorize and label essential documents such as CVs, cover letters, certificates, and diplomas, ensuring each candidate's profile is meticulously organized.

Use Cases for HR Managers and Recruiters:

Organize Files: With these new field categories, flair users can quickly locate and access relevant documents, streamlining the candidate evaluation process.

Document Visibility Control

Maintaining confidentiality and controlling document access is paramount in recruitment.

With flair's latest update, managing document visibility is simpler than ever. Utilizing an intuitive dropdown menu, HR managers can effortlessly determine document accessibility, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.

Use Cases for HR Managers and Recruiters:

Access Control: Whether sharing candidate profiles with hiring managers or designated evaluators, this feature offers greater control over document access, safeguarding confidential information throughout the recruitment journey.

Try these new features out today on flair and optimize your recruitment workflows and drive success in talent acquisition. Stay tuned for more flair product news very soon.

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