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5 Ways Mobile HR Apps Improve the Employee Experience

5 Ways Mobile HR Apps Improve the Employee Experience

5 Ways Mobile HR Apps Improve the Employee Experience

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These days, our trusty smartphones have become indispensable companions. From entertainment and communication to services like banking and ride-sharing apps, mobile phones provide near-limitless access in the palm of your hand.

But mobile apps are becoming increasingly prevalent in our work lives too. Statista research indicates that 54% of adults worldwide use their smartphones for work-related purposes. Add to that the fact that Business is the second most popular category of app in the Apple App Store and it becomes clear that mobile devices are an essential part of modern working life.

In this blog post, we’re going to examine the rise of mobile apps in human resources (HR) and run through some typical scenarios where mobile devices can streamline HR processes and improve the employee experience.

The Role of Mobile Apps in HR

HR processes are all about creating a positive and efficient work culture that leads to higher employee engagement. Mobile apps are an extremely useful productivity tool and simplify tasks in many areas of HR management. Here are some of the top HR functions that can benefit from going mobile.

  • Absence Management: Keeping on top of vacation requests and sick leave is one of the core tasks of any HR department. However, without the use of HR software, it can be extremely time-consuming. With a mobile HR app, employees can request time off without going to the office or phoning an HR manager. Mobile apps make it easy for busy professionals to stay connected with their workplace, even when unexpected absences arise.
  • Document Management: There are many situations where an employee may need to view a work document while away from their desk. Payslips, contracts, and certifications can be stored in a mobile document management system to give employees access to important information when they need it.
  • Time Tracking: Gone are the days when timesheets were written down on paper or manually entered into spreadsheets. Mobile HR apps with integrated time tracking give employees a way to log their work hours wherever work happens. Whether an employee is in the office or working remotely, time-tracking software makes everything smoother.
  • Employee Records: Mobile apps can be a useful source of HR information. Remote workers and employees who travel frequently can access a company directory on the go, ensuring they can stay in touch with their colleagues. Apps can also be used to manage employee data, so employees can inform HR managers of changes to their personal details at any time.
In 2019, 57% of organizations were using mobile-enabled HR technology, with core HR and time and attendance being the most common use cases.

Source: Statista (2019), Mobile-Enabled Human Resources Technology Applications Usage Worldwide

5 Key Benefits of Mobile HR Apps

Introducing mobile HR can have a far-reaching impact on your organization. Not only will it make your HR managers’ lives easier but it will also enhance the employee experience. Here’s a summary of the top five ways that mobile HR apps improve your business.

1. Empower Employees

Employee self-service has been a phrase on the lips of many HR professionals in recent years. By empowering employees to handle simple HR tasks, such as absence requests and document management, you can free up your HR team to focus on providing valuable support in other ways. At the same time, your employees themselves benefit from more independence.

Intuitive mobile HR apps enable employees to manage these tasks on the go, without needing to be in the office or contact an HR manager. This makes basic HR admin much more efficient.

2. Improve Employee Engagement

With a mobile HR app, you have an alternative channel through which you can interact with your employees. Using push notifications, you can remind employees to complete open tasks while keeping staff informed of company updates in real-time. Mobile technology removes a barrier by giving employees easy access to important tools, such as a time tracker, regardless of where they are.

3. Facilitate Timely Communication

Communication is a crucial element in teamwork, and what better way to interact with your employees than through a mobile app? Giving your employees a more flexible way to communicate streamlines the flow of information within your organization and minimizes any delays in decision-making.

4. Attract Younger Generations of Employees

Millennials and zoomers are known as digital natives for a reason: They grew up using computers and mobile devices. Slow communication and paper-based admin tasks are extremely likely to put off upcoming generations of employees. If you can demonstrate to new and potential employees that you have a mobile-enabled working environment, you can get the best out of them and likely increase their satisfaction with the job.

5. Support Remote Work

Flexible work arrangements have become a vital employee benefit since the pandemic. But how do you keep employees engaged when they are not in the office? Mobile apps are one of the best ways to retain a connection with remote workers as they can handle simple work tasks and receive updates from any location. Onboarding can be particularly challenging in a remote work environment, but by using mobile technology and workflow automation, you can ensure that new hires don’t miss a beat. Analyzing mobile app analytics metrics such as user engagement, feature usage, and onboarding completion rates provides valuable insights, allowing you to continuously optimize the app for a seamless remote work experience.

The Mobile HR Experience With flair

At flair, we equip organizations with the necessary resources to cultivate a remarkable culture. Through our mobile app, employees and managers can harness powerful features that streamline their workflows and make HR tasks effortless.

Available on iOS and Android, our app allows you to complete core HR tasks, such as time tracking, absence requests, and document management on the go. Our app is included in the standard flair package, so there are no additional subscription costs.

We’re strong believers in the power of a mobile-enabled workforce, so you can expect to see more of our product features coming to the app in the coming months. Visit our Help Center to see how to track time, manage absences, and store documents with the flair mobile app.

Already a flair customer? Download our app today on the App Store or Google Play, log in with your Employee Hub details, and give our mobile app a whirl.


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