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Talent Acquisition: Enhanced Recruitment With Salesforce

Talent Acquisition: Enhanced Recruitment With Salesforce

Talent Acquisition: Enhanced Recruitment With Salesforce

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Attracting and retaining top talent is vital in all industries. Without the right personnel, achieving success is challenging. Let's explore recruiter challenges and how a Salesforce-linked HR solution can ease HR headaches.

In the following blog post, we will delve into the current challenges that recruiters encounter. Additionally, we will explore effective solutions to these obstacles, including the consolidation of recruitment processes, the automation of repetitive tasks, and the enhancement of collaboration among teams.

Recruitment State of Play

In the ever-changing world of HR, there are always challenges that require innovative solutions. As companies strive to build high-performing teams, they face the daunting task of navigating through numerous resumes, conducting interviews, and ensuring a seamless hiring process. The pressure can be high; the resources are rarely unlimited.

It's no secret that talent acquisition can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor, often leaving HR professionals battling hard to find the right candidates.

According to benchmarking data by the Society of Human Resource Management, recruiting a new employee costs on average $4,700 per hire in the US. The cost is likely much higher when you factor in soft expenses like time and recruiting labor.

The Harvard Business Review reports that if an employee fails to settle in or chime with the workplace environment, the turnover can cost a company between 100% to 300% of that staff member's salary.

Furthermore, a poll by Career Builders suggests that repetitive tasks are stealing up to 14 hours per week from recruiters. So the stakes can be high and we can be sure that sometimes recruiters may feel like there are not enough hours in the day.

Fortunately, technological advancements are changing the way we approach talent acquisition, empowering organizations to streamline their hiring processes and make more informed decisions. The right technology or solution can be the perfect accompaniment to HR professional nous.

Recruitment team working in the office.

Recruitment Challenges

With the help of Salesforce’s unique attributes, flair is building solutions to meet the challenges faced by recruiters and HR professionals. Let’s take a look at some of the top challenges facing employers and recruitment professionals in the modern day.

Talent shortage: One of the main challenges recruiters face is the scarcity of qualified candidates. In industries where specialized skills are required or in highly competitive job markets, finding suitable candidates becomes a significant hurdle.

Time constraints: The recruitment process can be time-consuming, involving tasks such as sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and coordinating with hiring managers. HR staff are facing a 36-day or longer recruitment process per hire, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. This can be a difficult process with recruiters often needing to fill positions quickly while balancing many other roles and responsibilities.

Tough competition: Recruiters often face fierce competition from other companies and recruitment agencies all vying for the same pool of exceptional candidates. This can cause long-drawn-out hiring procedures, or worse, losing out on top talents. After all, it’s estimated that the best candidates are only ever really available on the market for about 10 days. That’s why it’s important to tailor your recruitment end-to-end so that your company or business stands out from the crowd.

Evaluating skills: Assessing technical competencies, work experience, and cultural fit can be challenging, particularly for roles with a high degree of specialization. According to Monster’s Future of Work 2022 report, 9 out of 10 employers struggle to find candidates with the right skills**.**

Candidate experience: Delivering a positive candidate experience that is reflective of your company is crucial for attracting and retaining talent. Recruiters must ensure timely and transparent communication, provide feedback to candidates, and manage the overall candidate journey. After all, some 83% of talent say a negative recruitment experience can change their mind about a company they previously liked, according to this LinkedIn Talent Trends Report.

New tech: Technology has revolutionized the recruitment processes. However, recruiters may need help to navigate and adopt new tools effectively. The constant evolution of recruitment technology and applicant tracking systems requires recruiters to adapt quickly to stay efficient and competitive. Assistance with new technology is not always readily available.

More Efficient Recruitment on Salesforce

Whether you are a small startup or a global enterprise, flair equips you with the features necessary to optimize your recruitment process, right from sourcing and screening candidates to onboarding and beyond.

flair operates within the Salesforce CRM ecosystem, providing users with a comprehensive HR and recruitment platform for their talent management needs.

With flair on Salesforce, an organization can revolutionize its talent acquisition practices, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on what truly matters: finding the best candidates who align with your company culture and contribute to its long-term success.

Thanks to its connection to Salesforce, flair offers an integrated and efficient approach to hiring, enabling HR professionals to save time, improve candidate experiences, and ultimately build exceptional teams.

Already, a number of organizations around the world are utilizing the flair Recruiting app resources to enhance their staffing drives.

AppExchange: The AppExchange on offers a wide range of pre-built solutions, including apps, components, and industry-specific solutions like flair.

Simplifying the Candidate Journey

The full recruitment lifecycle, also known as the hiring process, typically involves six stages: planning, sourcing, screening, interviewing, evaluation, and hiring. Through the flair Recruiting app on Salesforce, the aim is to enhance all these stages for recruiters using one user-friendly solution.

Let’s take a glimpse at the real-life use cases that flair supports. After all, the flair mission is to improve HR processes while enhancing the staffing experience.

Career Portal Builder

Mold your Career Page to fit your company style and advertise vacancies through job pages or recruitment agency channels.

The flair Career Portal Builder is all about outreach and building employer branding. It gives you more options to create eye-catching job adverts that stand out from the crowd. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can add images, icons, highlights, and office locations in just a few minutes. Make your page unique, add job descriptions, and allow potential candidates to apply for jobs effortlessly.

Multiposting Ads

The flair solution allows recruiters to create an advert or job description for each job vacancy, and publish it on multiple sites and channels. Cast the net far and wide for better recruitment results. With flair, recruiters have 2,500+ media partners to choose from when it comes to advertising open positions.

It’s a surefire way to attract qualified candidates and fill critical roles on your team.

Applicant Tracking

The great thing is that once a person applies for a job via your sleek Career Portal, they are instantly saved as a candidate in your flair Recruiting app on Salesforce. This not only means that their data is secure, but it also facilitates a smoother hiring process.

For example, you can then create your own candidate recruitment funnel (including stages like Applied, Screening, Interview, Offer, and Hired) and keep track of candidates throughout the hiring process. It’s perfect for keeping candidates in the loop on decision-making, organizing interviews, and responding to successful or unsuccessful applicants.

What’s more flair’s Recruiting app dashboards mean recruiters can identify if channels, for example, LinkedIn, are generating the right talent for their organization.

Candidate Notes

Candidate Notes is a feature on the flair Recruiting app on Salesforce. By clicking on a job candidate, you can choose to create a note about their progress during the recruitment process. For example, make a note about the skills that impressed you during the phone screening or interview stage. It’s way more organized than a Post-it Note and you won’t have to jump between spreadsheets, Word Docs, or multiple platforms, either. flair consolidates your recruitment process into one place.

Evaluations & Email Templates

The flair Recruiting app also allows users to create their own customized candidate evaluation templates to make the hiring process fairer, more consistent, and more efficient. You can set up automated emails for the recruiting team, ensuring that candidates receive prompt communication about their efforts.

Employee Onboarding

When you have successfully hired the desired candidate, they are added to the Employee list in flair HR. You can then invite them to the Employee Hub for a smooth transition into the onboarding phase. This process can include assigning new hires to deadline-orientated workflows related to training or meeting new staff. It can also include notifications on the employee portal, which we call the Employee Hub, reminding new staff to provide important documents.

Customer Support

Is it corny to say people-power is built into the flair solution? Well, it’s true. Perhaps this is summed up perfectly by our amazing Customer Success Team. Through a comprehensive onboarding program, regular product demos, and ongoing assistance, our Customer Success team is there to make sure clients get the most out of flair, from implementation to recruitment and beyond. We’ll make sure you know the tech before you get started.

Recruitment steps with flair.

Benefits of Salesforce-Connected Recruitment

When you think about it, Salesforce is like a BFF for businesses, with tons of tools and gadgets to manage customers, sales, marketing, and more. You can even manage how people interact with cooking recipes using the CRM.

But before we go off-piste and start waxing lyrical about the perfect pizza toppings, here’s a quick breakdown of how flair on Salesforce enhances the HR experience.

Increased Productivity

An HR solution such as flair on Salesforce can help to increase productivity within HR departments by automating many of the tasks that are typically done manually. For example, Salesforce can automate the onboarding process for new employees, saving a significant amount of time and effort.

Improved Employee Engagement

Salesforce can also help to improve employee engagement by providing HR professionals with the tools they need to better connect with employees. For example, Salesforce’s Chatter tool, which our team use, facilitates chat groups for employees and helps encourage collaboration and communication.

Reduced Costs

Another benefit of Salesforce is that it can help to reduce costs within HR departments. For example, Salesforce’s automation capabilities are ingrained within flair and can help to eliminate the need for paper records, which can save a significant amount of money. Furthermore, Salesforce's cloud-based platform minimizes IT costs by eliminating the need for extensive hardware infrastructure and utilizing remote storage.

Improved Decision-Making

Thanks to Salesforce, flair can also help to improve decision-making within HR departments by providing managers with real-time data and insights. For example, Salesforce’s reporting and analytics tools can be used to track employee performance or absences and identify areas where improvements are needed.

Greater Flexibility

The flair-Salesforce connection provides HR departments with greater flexibility as it is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with remote employees and hybrid work structures, or companies with employees who travel frequently.

So, whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, embracing the flair-Salesforce connection for talent acquisition is a strategic move that can solve recruitment challenges and fuel long-term growth.

But don’t just take our word for it, try out our end-to-end HR solution with this flair demo.


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