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Public Holidays in Australia 2024: Key Insights for HR Teams

Public Holidays in Australia 2024: Key Insights for HR Teams

Public Holidays in Australia 2024: Key Insights for HR Teams

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As HR professionals, being ahead of the curve on public holiday dates is crucial for managing staffing, planning leave, and ensuring compliance with employment laws. For 2024, the public holidays in Australia present a unique set of dates that vary by state and territory, reflecting the nation’s diversity. Understanding 2024 public holidays is key to navigating the year's scheduling needs effectively and confidently.

Every state and territory in Australia has its specific public holidays, in addition to the national days that are observed countrywide. From Australia Day and Anzac Day to regional observances such as Canberra Day, HR teams must pinpoint each applicable holiday to ensure smooth operations. Moreover, certain holidays may involve additional part-day holidays or substitute days when they fall on weekends, which requires your close attention.

To keep your workforce informed and to align with the Fair Work regulations, your HR department needs to maintain an up-to-date public holiday schedule for 2024. This allows proactive planning for business coverage and gives employees clarity on their entitlements, contributing to a respectful and law-abiding workplace culture.

Public holidays Australia 2024

Key Public Holidays in Australia for 2024

When planning for the year ahead, it's important to keep track of the public holidays as they can affect staffing and operations. Here’s a breakdown of the national public holidays in Australia for 2024, as well as some state-specific variations that HR teams should be aware of.

National Public Holidays

  • New Year's Day: Celebrates the beginning of the year on Monday 1 January.
  • Australia Day: Commemorates the founding of Australia on Friday 26 January.
  • Good Friday: Observe this significant religious holiday which falls on Friday 29 March this year.
  • Easter Sunday: Many celebrations will take place on Sunday 31 March, though it isn’t a public holiday in all states.
  • Easter Monday: Extend the weekend with a public holiday on Monday 1 April.
  • Anzac Day: Remembering the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps on Thursday 25 April.
  • Christmas Day: Enjoy festive celebrations on Wednesday 25 December.
  • Boxing Day: The holiday celebrations continue on Thursday 26 December.

State-Specific Public Holidays

Here's a concise guide to some state-specific public holidays that diverge from the national schedule:

South Australia and Northern Territory

  • Experience a part-day public holiday for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve from 7 pm to 12 midnight.


  • Benefit from a part-day public holiday for Christmas Eve starting from 6 pm to midnight.


  • Notice Easter Tuesday as a restricted public holiday, primarily observed by certain awards/agreements and the State Public Service.

Planning for these holidays ensures smooth HR operations and compliance with state and national regulations. You can find a full list of all state and regional holidays here.

Understanding Public Holidays Legislation

When navigating public holiday legislation in Australia, it's crucial to understand employee entitlements and specific considerations when public holidays fall on weekends. This ensures compliance with national and state laws.

Public Holidays and Employee Entitlements

Under the National Employment Standards (NES), your employees are entitled to certain benefits during public holidays. An important ruling was made on March 28, 2023, where the proper construction of section 114 of the Fair Work Act was examined. This means that employers must request, not demand, that employees work on public holidays, and employees have the right to reasonably accept or decline. For full-time and part-time employees, if a public holiday falls on a day they would have ordinarily worked, they are to be paid their base rate of pay for the ordinary hours they would have worked.

Legislation varies across states, so be aware of specific provisions for Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory. In each of these Australian regions, consider the provisions for both state and national public holidays to ensure your HR policies align with local and national standards.

Public Holidays on Weekends: What HR Should Know

When a public holiday falls on a weekend, the observance might be shifted to the next working day. For example, if a public holiday like Australia Day lands on a Saturday, make sure you're aware of whether the following Monday is treated as a public holiday for employment purposes.

The Fair Work Ombudsman provides clear guidelines on how public holidays occurring on weekends should be managed within different states and territories, impacting how you schedule work and manage payroll. It's essential to understand the criteria in each state, as Western Australia may have different provisions compared to the Northern Territory or Tasmania.

2024 Calendar Overview for HR Planning

For Human Resources teams, staying ahead of the public holiday schedule is crucial for planning purposes. In addition to these dates, there are key months packed with state-specific holidays that should be on your HR radar:

  • March: Be sure to schedule for Adelaide Cup Day on Monday 11 March in South Australia.
  • May: Labour Day varies by state but often falls in this month.
  • June: Take into account Western Australia Day on Monday 3 June, and the King's Birthday on Monday 10 June.
  • August: Don't forget Brisbane’s Royal Queensland Show. Taking place from Saturday 10 August until - Sunday 18 August, it’s a common time for holidays in the Brisbane area.
  • November: Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday for Victoria and a widely observed event nationwide that falls on Tuesday 5 November in 2024.

Remember to incorporate these significant dates into your HR tools and communicate effectively to ensure operational fluidity throughout 2024.

Get Set for 2024

Understanding Australian public holidays is crucial for HR teams to accurately manage leave entitlements and comply with local employment standards. Keep in mind that if public holidays fall on a weekend, substitute days are typically provided. Stay alert for any additional days off that may be announced for special events. It's essential to differentiate the entitlements for full-time and part-time employees to maintain equity and operational efficiency.

flair is your ideal ally for a streamlined and productive 2024. Our comprehensive Absence Management system allows you to integrate public holidays into your team's schedules, while our Time Tracking feature ensures accurate recording of work hours.

Embrace the ease of managing holiday schedules and fostering a happy, well-balanced workplace – let flair be the cornerstone of your HR success in 2024!

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