Absences management

Absence Management is time consuming. With flair, your team can easily plan their absences in accordance to everyone else. As an HR manager, you'll have an organised overview within a click

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Customisable Configuration – to fit your company needs!

We value your individuality and recognise that one absence policy does not fit all companies. Therefore, flair's software enables flexible configuration of any absences you want.

Customisable absence configuration with flair
  • Configuration by location or department

  • Hourly and daily absence types

  • Monthly, annual and anniversary accruals

Adaptable Overview – stay on top of everything!

We provide a transparent overview of all absences to help you save time and be more organised. Our flexible calendars help you to view absences in a different view.

Adaptable absence overview on flair
  • Monthly and yearly calendars

  • Personal and team overview

  • Filters based on location, department, team, categories, etc

Immediate & Accurate Data – forget about the calculator!

The process of calculating the remaining absences can be highly time-consuming. Flair automatically calculates time-off and your current PTO balance.

Immediate & accurate absence data calculations
  • Automatic pro-ration of absence balances

  • Public holiday calendars for different countries

  • Workloads and shifts consideration

Request & Accept Absences – with a click of a button!

Your employees can easily request their absences online, by just selecting the absence type and date. Meanwhile, managers receive instant absence requests via email and push notifications.

Depending on your settings, you control how many managers need to approve an absence. Did we mention that you are also able to integrate your teams' absences on the Google Calendar?

That's what we call convenience at your fingertips.

Request & accept absences on flair

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