How to Make an Effective “We Are Hiring” Social Media Post

How to Make an Effective “We Are Hiring” Social Media Post

How to Make an Effective “We Are Hiring” Social Media Post

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“We are hiring” social media posts are an effective way to attract your ideal candidate and promote your company brand. Find out how to write and structure your next hiring post effectively.

One of the best ways to reach many potential candidates has always been through social media and professional networks like LinkedIn.

You may be able to interact with many high-value workers this way, but engaging them with a job post takes some finesse. Your post and company need to stand out from the many other adverts.

The hiring process relies on high-quality adverts and posts that effectively communicate your new role and its application process. Hiring managers will often task recruiters to create “we are hiring” type posts to share on their companies’ main social media channels.

If you want to make your own “we are hiring post,” we have an advanced best practice guide here. You can expect to be flooded with dozens of applications as soon as your ad goes live!

But first, we’ll explain this kind of content and what you can expect to get out of it in detail.

What Is a “We Are Hiring” Post?

There are a few differences between “we are hiring” style posts and generic job adverts. It’s important that you know the distinction between generic posts and this more specialized one to ensure that it ticks all the engagement boxes.

In general, “we are hiring” social media posts should:

  • Communicate an employee vacancy announcement
  • Display a strong hiring intent
  • Be promotional in nature

“We are hiring” posts should convince a potential candidate that your recruitment process is highly active. Any reader should appreciate that your company needs them, and you should avoid ambiguity.

They should also be enticing to the level that passive candidates cannot resist.

Prospects should know that you will soon prompt them to begin the interview process if their application is successful.

Social Media as a “We Are Hiring” Staple

The average active candidate’s job search process generally involves exploring relevant job posts on professional platforms like LinkedIn or an employment site like Indeed.

The platforms above filter job postings according to users’ specified industries, experience levels, and skills. Your “we are hiring” post should, to begin with, consider the kind of candidate that you will want your channel of choice to match you with.

Social media is one of the essential tools for recruitment teams, and your related job post will reach an incredible range of desirable candidates.

A site like LinkedIn will direct your potential employee search to top-performing candidates with the right inclusive experience at the appropriate career levels.

You can easily edit your social media post template to cater to various candidates, from entry-level positions to leadership roles.

The Basics Of A “We Are Hiring” Social Media Post

You can expect plenty of collaboration with team members to ensure that your “we are hiring” post covers every aspect and angle of your recruitment strategy.

Before you begin workshopping with your colleagues, let’s cover a few fundamental job post basics.

  1. “We are hiring” posts are inherently persuasive, and you should include phrases like “We’re looking for new talent” or “Join our team.”
  2. List all the vital details regarding the position, like salary, required experience and qualifications, and whether this position is remote or in-office.
  3. Many job ads cater to potential employees without disabilities. Make sure to include individuals with disabilities in your content by describing your office’s accessibility features and qualities.
  4. Establish your preferred application channels, such as emailing your recruiter or filling out an application form. You should also request documents like CVs and portfolios.
  5. Remember to brand your post with your company announcement template design.
  6. Don’t flood the post with too much text or additional details. Try to convey the main points, requirements, and goals of your posting, and then direct the candidate to your website or upcoming events for further information.

Brevity is essential, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide concrete examples of the job role’s needs.

How To Thoroughly Inform And Inspire The Candidate

One of the most significant points of interest for a candidate is the daily requirements of a promoted job. If you fail to detail what working for your company will be like appropriately, a candidate could easily consider a better-outlined position.

Your “we are hiring” post should be as enlightening as possible regarding its related responsibilities, benefits, and requirements.

Make The Benefits Stand Out

Candidates want to know how they’ll benefit from your position. Perks are always an enticing way to foster candidate dedication to potential online assessments.

Be sure to summarize your position’s most valuable perks. These can include:

  • Health insurance: Not every company will cover their employees’ health insurance payments, but this is an outstanding way to ensure they can receive great and feasible medical attention.
  • Gym memberships: Healthy employees are happy ones, and the entrepreneurial spirit is often associated with a commitment to self-care.
  • Paid leave: Knowing you can go on vacation safely and comfortably is a huge plus. The continued success of a deserving candidate often hinges on knowing they can take a break without worrying.
  • Training and courses: Candidates always look to upskill as a component of success through in-person or virtual events.
  • Complimentary lunches: Many modern workers lead such busy lifestyles that they often don’t have time to make and bring healthy lunches to work.

You might have some creative examples of perks unique to your company, so make sure that you review every potential benefit before making your advert. There may be some glowing points that you glossed over.

Include Accurate Job Requirements

Remember that the careers search tool you post your “we are hiring” ad in will likely match the post with candidates with relevant skills and experience.

Candidates with articulate descriptions of their skills and career level are a good starting point. But you should detail the precise requirements in the job description to ensure you link with your ideal candidate.

You can start with educational needs. Which university degrees or training levels are you looking for? You can also include additional requirements like specific certifications or candidate experience.

Next, we recommend detailing the soft skills and direct skills the job is best suited for. Remember that a critical leadership role will have very different requirements from a mid-level role.

Lastly, detail the kind of person you would love to join your team. Are you looking for someone that can happily work long hours and meet tight deadlines? Is the job high-pressure, and do you need someone that can healthily manage stress?

Or is your ideal candidate a more relaxed type of individual that is charismatic and personable? Consider the team this candidate might be joining and which of your clients or partners they may consult with.

Promote A Culture Of Inclusion

A candidate will always consider whether they will enjoy a good culture fit with your company. Diversity and inclusion are a must for many active candidates.

A curious candidate will investigate your company website and social media to see the type of people working there. If they fail to see a diverse-looking workforce, they might not want to join it.

They also want to know more about the people they will potentially work with, what they are like, and how satisfied they are. Potential candidates might reach out to your existing employees through sites like LinkedIn to ask them general questions about your company and what working for it is like.

So, make sure that you make your relevant teams aware of your hiring process and that candidates may contact them.

Try explaining your company culture in your post, and highlight values like:

  • Community: Your colleagues and leaders care for each other and celebrate each other’s achievements while offering support during difficult times.
  • Trust: Colleagues can express their needs and pain points safely, knowing managers will not punish them for being honest.
  • Recreation: This is a fun place to work where teams participate in regular activities with a generally relaxed atmosphere.
  • Diversity: Your workforce consists of people from different cultures, groups, and religions.

Small Details Go a Long Way

Now that we have covered the most critical points of a “we are hiring” post, let us focus on the additional details that complete one.

Put a Face to Your Post

It is one thing to talk about how great your company is to work for and another to show it. Including images of your happy and warm-looking employees adds a relatable edge to your post.

Image source: LinkedIn

You can include photographs of your employees at work, relaxing in your common area, or passionately brainstorming in a board room. Try to capture the most natural settings possible, as clearly posed scenes will make candidates question your sincerity (as will stock photos).

These human visuals will also give candidates a better idea of who they might work with, and in what kind of environment.

A job posting should always promote other newly-opened positions in your company. A candidate might find they aren’t qualified for or interested in the leading role, and their interaction with your company will end without further options.

You can provide short descriptions of related jobs within your main “we are hiring” post, and the candidate might end up applying for all of them.

Multiposting can be a pretty complex and laborious process. We recently added a new feature to flair’s services that allows you to manage and implement multiposting quickly and efficiently.

Be Upfront About Salary Expectations

A LinkedIn study found that 61% of candidates were centrally focused on compensation. Including an exact or loose salary expectation in your post will significantly help a candidate’s decision-making.

Of course, many companies and recruiters are against including salaries in job posts, and this detail’s provision falls on your recruiting and company policy.

General salary figures of the role and level are a safer alternative, but make sure they correspond with what you would be happy to offer a successful candidate.

Don’t Forget About the CTA

Any strong post should always end with a call to action (CTA). If you manage to build excitement and engagement, a candidate will be prompted to click on a “Apply now” or “Join us” CTA.

The link should then take them to a proper application form or instructions on how to apply. Make this a simple and easy process, as lengthy or demanding applications could derail a candidate.

Try To Avoid These Common Branding Mistakes

We want your ad to shine through the competition. Still, we also want you to avoid scaring off candidates with inflated promises, unmentioned benefits, and a lack of mobile-friendliness.

Using Buzzwords In The Copy

Modern corporate language is filled with all sorts of impressive-sounding but ultimately meaningless jargon and buzzwords.

Using insincere or vague-sounding buzzwords might give more serious professionals the wrong impression of your company.

You’ll never go wrong with traditional grammar and syntax; clear, simple sentences and phrases are the most easily absorbed.

Overselling Your Company Culture

Everyone wants to show off their company culture when writing a job posting, but be mindful of how you sell it.

If the job requires long working hours and a high level of commitment, don’t describe your culture as casual, laid-back, or flexible.

Make it clear in the job post what you expect from any potential employee, professionally and socially. Be mindful of your existing employees’ personalities and needs, and frame your company culture’s values around them.

Excluding Perks and Benefits

Many job posters feel that benefits and perks don’t need mentioning. Sadly, many bonus points are trimmed out of their descriptions.

Indeed, benefits aren’t as relevant as the core job offerings and needs, but the modern worker expects hybrid or remote work styles and a healthy annual leave.

Including your company benefits in your “we are hiring” post helps set you apart from other ads and companies. Remember that standing out from the hiring crowd is vital.

Not Optimizing Your Ad for Mobile

Did you know that nearly half of candidates actively search for new positions via their smartphones? Strangely, less than half of recruiting sites are optimized for mobile.

So, ensure that any site you post your ad to is mobile-friendly. Searching for jobs this way is easy, and many people will do so in the evening while relaxing after work or during breaks.

You can also format your ad in a mobile-friendly way by keeping your word count below 700 words, ensuring that you have one-click applications enabled and that your ad will properly and comfortably load onto mobile screens.

Bonus Tips For Full Engagement

Now that you’ve got the essentials down in your post, let’s find out how you can perfect it for the most glowing applications possible.

Make Your Copy Precise

The average potential candidate will browse through numerous job postings daily, and they might not pay as much attention to yours as you’d like. Today, people will breeze through a small portion of any piece of content.

To make matters even more challenging, a desirable candidate might spend all but 30 seconds reading through your post. Whatever you write then needs to be valuable and driven by conversion.

So, ensure you don’t add any fluff to your post and focus on the vital takeaways.

Don’t Get Too Technical

If you want to appeal to a large audience, try to avoid writing too technically or in a niche manner. Sure, you have your ideal candidate in mind, but they might not use the kind of language you think they do.

Steer clear of acronyms, too many corporate terms, or company-specific wording. Copy that makes your company seem exclusive or high-level can be intimidating or uninteresting to job seekers. It can also convince otherwise well-suited applicants that they don’t have what it takes to join your company.

Leave A Lasting Impression

Remember that a dry or uninspiring job posting will be at worst ignored or at best forgotten in a few hours. Try to turn the most exciting and lucrative aspects of your job into memorable points.

Show the reader how awesome your company is by highlighting benefits, events, perks, and growth opportunities. Make your company culture a selling point and convince your candidate that you will warmly welcome them into your team.

The Introduction To An Intimate Tour

Our last piece of advice would be to turn your “we are hiring” post into a complete experience. Make this ad an entry point to an impressive tour of your company, where they can speak to relevant employees or take a virtual trip to your offices.

If you do not have the time or resources to create an in-depth experience, then a promotional video made by your employees is a strong alternative.

Regardless of your decision, try to leave a candidate with a healthy and impressive understanding of your company and how they would fit into it.

You might be amazed by the professionals that apply for your position. The modern working world is incredibly diverse. People are competent and skilled in ways that don’t fit into traditional corporate mindsets and expectations.

So, always keep an open mind when considering candidates, and make sure that you give as many individuals a fair chance as possible.


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