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Press Release: Post Multiple Job Ads With One Click

Reaching a relevant audience is crucial when advertising job vacancies. At the same time, this often comes with more work and manual tasks. No more.

Nico Lind Nico Lind
  • 30 Aug 2022
  • Max 2 min read

10 Best Creative Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top-Tier Talent

Recruitment is competitive with top-tier candidates exiting the job market within 10 days. With everyone vying for the creme of the crop and a global talent shortage, traditional recruitment techniques no longer cut it. Without creative recruitment strategies to grab the attention of the best candidates, you risk your company

Nico Lind Nico Lind
  • 08 Aug 2022
  • Max 8 min read

Everything You Need to Know About Salesforce Lightning Vs Classic

If you work in sales and marketing, it can seem like an endless cycle of trying to talk to the right people, at the right time – with the right message. That’s why many professionals use CRM. CRMS, like Salesforce, provide the most opportunities for business growth as they free

Nico Lind Nico Lind
  • 06 Jun 2022
  • Max 11 min read
HR Lexicon

How to Create a Diversity Management Plan

Achieving diversity in the workplace is a crucial element of a successful business in the 21st century. But, too many companies will use their words instead of their actions to meet the expectations for workplace diversity. This means they aren’t really making any legitimate steps towards encouraging proper workplace

Nico Lind Nico Lind
  • 19 Apr 2022
  • Max 12 min read

What Does OKR Mean?

OKR stands for “objectives and key results.” It’s a collaborative goal-setting system that is used by individuals, teams, and organizations to pinpoint measurable goals and track their progress and outcomes in relation to those goals. Though it’s a simple tool, it can be incredibly impactful in terms of

Nico Lind Nico Lind
  • 07 Apr 2022
  • Max 7 min read

Tips for Working Remotely

There was a time when working from home was a rarity and only a very small percentage of the workforce did it full time. Then the Coronavirus arrived, and the ensuing pandemic flipped the script to make home office the norm. For the lucky few who were already working remotely,

Nico Lind Nico Lind
  • 22 Feb 2022
  • Max 10 min read
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